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Painting the Eco-Center

16 July, 2008

Last weekend I travelled up to Karlovo to help the PCV who works at the eco-center (also known as beautiful girlfriend) paint. She had gathered several Karlovo teens she has an English group help. It was a blast! We painted the front of the center while the teens painted the side with nature scenes and anything else they could think of. For Earth Day, she had help covering up graffiti and painting murals. Since teenage vandalism is worldwide, a few days later, the center was defaced. This was going to be the tour de force to stop it. The day before I got there, they painted over the graffiti and the building got a fresh palate.

Since everything on the building is in Bulgarian, most Eco-tourists don’t know what it is. This is were we came in. We painted “Tourist Information Centre” on the front as well as two logos of organizations the center belongs to. There’s no mistaking it now!

Kids painting

Over all, bang up job! The center looks cleaner and it’s easier to recognize for foreign tourists.

Eco-center painting