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How to annoy me

29 October, 2008

Be the slowest bus driver on the Balkan peninsula.


How to Annoy Me

24 July, 2008

Pay for your groceries with, and I kid you not, six debt cards.

How to Annoy Me

23 May, 2008

Give the cashier 20 Leva and then ask her to list all the ingredients from every carton cigarettes in the store.

Bonus point: do this while I’m trying to buy 30 stotinki worth of valfa

How to annoy me

22 May, 2008

Give the example of how a word is used in a sentence like so:

To Leave: оставям

to be left an orphan, etc. оставам сирак и пр

Update: My tutor gave me used this word in this sentence: “I left my wife”. There is something so pessimistic about this word

How to annoy me

8 May, 2008

Assume I don’t speak Bulgarian and then criticize my work here and the Peace Corps in front of me

How to annoy me

29 April, 2008

Talk to me slowly as you write down your response despite my perfectly phrased and pronounced question: “When is the next bus to Stara Zagora?”