A question gone awary

Yesterday I had a meeting with the man I’m organizing the football tournament as well as another project. I wanted to know how widespread Chirpan’s TV coverage is. He called the TV station and I scribbled some thoughts/other questions to ask as he spoke with them. “I’m here with my American friend. He’s very nice and speaks Bulgarian very well…” I cracked a smile as I jotted some notes and thought to myself “I think he’s stretching the true a bit”. He put the receiver down, “Jimmy, the coverage is for the city, the surrounding villages and some nearby cities in the region. And you have an interview in 30 minutes.” “Whoa, wait, what!?” “They’ll be coming to your office. This is a good opportunity to talk about the tournament!”

The result is this:

The sound isn’t too good since I recorded it with my camera off my tv. Note the long windedness of my answers. This is a trick I learned early one: if you talk for a long time, you may answer a question that the journalist wants to ask and thus saves you from the embarrassment of not understanding a question. My fifth week in country I was interviewed on TV and it was a horribly long expirience.  Live and learn.


4 Responses to “A question gone awary”

  1. Dave Says:

    Jimmy, you’re crazy. Posting some weird recorded Bulgarian thing and claiming that it’s you. That can’t be you. That guy speaks Bulgarian and also looks like he could grow facial hair.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Don’t answer the question they asked, answer the question you wanted them to ask. I think Robert McNamara doled out that advice.

  3. joe Says:

    I like how they refer to Chirpan as a “city” 🙂
    You sound nervous :), but it’s fantastic that you at least try to speak Bulgarian.
    Kudos to you Jim!!!
    Also, this is a great blog. Keep it up!

    • Jimmy Says:

      In the US, Chirpan would definitely be considered a town but my fellow Chirpanits insist that it is a city. Is there a word for “town” in BG? All I know are “град” and “село”. I don’t think Chirpan qualifies as a село; we’ve got about 15,000 people!

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