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12 February, 2009

I’ve been a Peace Corps Volunteer living in Chirpan for almost 16 months. Chirpan isn’t a large city, and it’s not a small one either-the perfect size to think you know everything and then get surprised. One such surprise is meeting some awesome people who are involved in the community, but have never heard of them before now.

Video. Yep, that’s his real name. I met him through his wife, a new dancer at my dance troupe. His English is perfect and he’s the Bulgarian representative for a farm supply company. He’s lived in England and spent some time in Texas. He’s often out of town travelling and has invited me to join him on one of his Bulgarian business trips when he’ll be meeting other English speakers. He’s very keen on introducing me to his English speaking son. I look forward to hang out with more people closer to my age!

Mikhal. He’s the son of one of my friends who works at the cashier’s office in the municipality. He recently finished his PhD in biology and as part of his docotrial work, he discovered several new species of insects and fauna. He’s a wonderful guys and speaks some English. I’m meeting with him on a weekly basis to help him with his English.

Petar. OK, this is an interesting story that happened today. I met Mikhal for coffee this morning, but he couldn’t stay long. We were speaking in English and this old man walks passed where we’re sitting and gives a funny look. This tends to happen when people hear a foreign language here. He leaves and Mikhal follows shortly. I turn to my note book and work on my Bulgarian homework. The old dude returns and askes me if the seat in front of me is free. I say yes, expecting him to just take it to another table. (more…)