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24 December, 2008

I come home and turn on the light in my foyer. Blam! The light goes out. It’s 33F outside and it’s 11pm. No light in any room. Yet my water heater is still on, I can turn on the tv and use the internet. Methinks I’m going to have a mystery to solve (or a repairman to call) when I get home after Chirstmas…



24 December, 2008

This is my second Christmas (Коледа) in Bulgaria (my first is here). This Christmas season has largely snuck up on me since I’m well adjusted to life in Bulgaria and I was in the US for Thanksgiving. It’s very hard to believe that it’s Christmas Eve already! Since time has flown by so quickly, I’ve had a hard time planning lessons for my kindergarten English class. For example, I chose several Christmas related words I wanted to teach them and then play Bingo (a class favorite). I though I would start teaching them last Thursday. However, my class got a visit from this dude:


Quote of the Day

17 December, 2008

Diyado: “Are you going to the bar?”
Me: “No, to the store”
D: “Why aren’t you going to the bar?”
M: “I have to go grocery shopping”
D: “I think you should go to a bar”
M: “I had some rakia with dinner at the Flamingo last night”
D: “That was last night”
M: “I plan on buying some vodka from the store”
D: “Eeeeeeehooooooo!”

Double whammie!

“I can’t come this weekend because I have to kill a pig”-a fellow B-22

(More) Infrastructure Problems

17 December, 2008

I have had several infrastructure problems in the past, a year later should be no different. The past week, I’ve been confronted with a tsunami of problems. Thankfully, they have all be resolved now.

The city has been repairing the water pipes. To do this, they periodically have to shut down the water to parts of the city. They, of course, don’t notify the part of the city affected. Thus, I wake up every so often without water for 24+ hours. Not really they way you want to start your day.

Last week, I also lost power (shortly after getting my water back, getting more bang for my buck). I woke up to the sound of my heater shutting off. I thought that it had overheated and a safety mechanism had kicked in. Not so. Thinking it was like my water problem (and would return shortly), I toughed it out. The next day, I was still without power. I let my colleagues know. It turns out that the woman in the municipality had left two weeks prior and had been replaced with a new lady…who forgot to pay my power bill. My colleague apologized profusely (I kept saying it was no problem), my power was back by the time I returned home.

Another problem was my kitchen sink. I had used my washing machine and the faucet in the sink started to leak. I tried turning the knobs to shut the water off. Nothing worked. I wound up having to shut the water off to my entire apartment. This problem mysteriously solved itself.

As troublesome as these problems have been, none of them, separately or together, match my fridge.


Back in Bulgaria

9 December, 2008

Coming back home was a much needed vacation and it felt absolutely fantastic to my family again. It also gave me an opportunity to see America from a new perspective and understand how much I’ve changed (as well as much I’ve missed certain foods. Never would have guessed pancakes and bacon would have been so high on that list).
An American breakfast institution (more…)