President-elect Barack Obama

I get teary eyed every time I watch it.

People here have been asking me all kinds of questions leading up to this moment. What I thought about the candidates, how the American political system works, etc. It’s hard enough to explain our asinine primary system in English! People have given me their input and their predictions. Living abroad throughout the whole election season has really shown me how much the world looks to America. Granted, we’ve lost a large amount of our moral authority over the last eight years. But people still held their breath, hoping we’d make the right choice. And we proved that we’re not complete idiots. Fucking up soooo badly, giving the opportunity for black man, whose  middle name is Hussein, whose father was Muslin, and admitted to using cocaine, to run and become president. THAT will be Bush’s greatest legacy.

Personal political ramblings after the jump with some Bulgarian insights.

One of my friend’s on Facebook posted a WSJ article that we’ve been “too hard” on Bush. BULLSHIT! That man deserves his low approval ratings. I’m shocked that 20% of my country lacks the mental capacity to pay attention to what’s going on. Hope he and his cronies have to pay for the crimes they’ve commited. Thinking over the past eights, nearly a third of my life, I get so ANGRY at what man has done to my country and my countrymen. And then, I watch Obama’s victory speech and I see how far we’ve come. He has a lot of work ahead of him and I have full confidence that he will set us on the right path to heal our (and to some extent the world’s) wounds. I can’t wait.

My friends here over the past few days have offered me their congratulations. “Happy New President!” I’ve heard on more than one occasion. “Are you happy?” “Yes, very”. At the beginning of all this, most poeple backed either McCain or Clinton. Like her or not, make no mistake, Hiliary Clinton is a HUGE role model to foreigners aboard. She was very popular amongst the teachers at my school. “I hope you choose Hilary and then show the world that we [women] are capable of anything.” Very touching.

However, most people, at first, didn’t like Barack. “I don’t think Americans want to have a n*gger president”. Before you get riled up, it is an insult in Bulgarian to call someone “black”. So instead, they use the “N” word they hear from American rap music. I have tried my best to combat this, though to little avail. (I hate the labels like “African-American” as we are all Americans. No one calls me “Anglo-American” despite my mother’s English birth. Just “American”). It still gets under my sink hearing my friends and sometimes my colleauges causally asking about “that n*gger candidate”. It’s like I’m trying to empty a sea of salt with a teaspoon. I mention all of this because yesterday I was at a local store. I’m good friends with the family. I’ve chatted with them several times, baked goods for them, written recipes for them and recieved tips on how to pick fresh bread as well as the occasional free ice cream cone. One of the older members of the family asked me if I was happy with the election. “Yes! Very happy!” “Oh, well, I don’t like black people so I’m not really.” My mental rage was so fast. My mind quickly filled curse words, trying to bring my voice to the brink to give them a piece of my mind, how short sighted the were, how it wasn’t their choice, how they hadn’t seen everything they hold dear and the foundations on which their country was built on be systematically obliterated over the past eight years. I instead smiled and held my tongue. You, lucky reader, gets to bear the brunt of my frustration instead.

However, on the whole, most people are VERY excited that we’ve learned from our mistakes and rejected the Republican party from the highest office to continue Bush’s failed policies. January 20th, 2009 will be a glorious day.


One Response to “President-elect Barack Obama”

  1. hllywdnights Says:

    I feel overwhelmingly excited! I’m truly proud to be an American, especially when you see how ecstatic people around you in a foreign country are. Cheers Jimmy!

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