Center Excursion

Last week, I went on a field trip with the At-Risk Children’s Center I tutor at. Though it was more of a staff outing, I had a good time. We went to the historical city of Tryavna, a town nestled in the Stara Planina and kept historically accurate.

From there we headed out to the Dryanovo monastery. I was really impressed with the scenery. The monastery is tucked in between these two giant cliffs. The monastery is also home to a war memorial to the rebels who died fighting the Ottoman Empire for independence.

On the return home, we had to go through the Shipka Pass. This has a very important place in Bulgarian history-it’s where the Bulgarians, with the aid of the Russians. The Bulgarians and the Russians fought gallantly for three days, running out of ammunition and resorting to firing rocks out of their cannons and when the ran out of gun powder, they threw boulders. It’s considered the turning point of Bulgarian/Russian resistance to the Ottomans. Pretty intense stuff. So rightfully, their is a huge monument commemorating this turning point in Bulgarian history.

You can see most of the Rose Valley from the top.

All in all, it was a lovely day trip and a great bonding experience with the hard workers at the At-Risk Children Center.

Center trip

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