So far, so good

Today has been a good day so far. First, I got a new shower head. I’ve been having problems with itrecently. The top of it has been cracked and very time I use it, I’ve been losing water pressure as the water squirts through the cracks at the top all over my ceiling. Lo and behold this morning the municipality sent two repairmen and replaced it! It was so nice to take a hot shower with full water pressure. While drying off I received a phone call from my counterpart. She wanted to know what I’ll be doing tomorrow evening. I told her that I didn’t have any plans. Great news! she said. She wanted to let me know that the mayor had invited me to a concert in Sofia. Apparently, the mayor is good friends with a famous folksinger who gave him tickets to her show tomorrow evening in the national concert hall. And HE invited ME to go with him! I’ll be going with a few other people from the office. I can’t wait!

And lastly, the Office of External Resources in the Municipality of Chirpan now has AC/Heat. You never appreciate air conditioning until you’ve gone without it for such a long time.

And it’s not even 14:00!


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