This is Bulgaria…

This is a reponse I get a lot to a lot of things. It’s mostly used as answer to something I question something about this country. This ranging from talking about corruption to why water leaks from my kitchen ceicling when it rains. “Jimmy…this is Bulgaria and we think it’s normal…”. They may not agree with it but they have lived with these situations for most of thier life and usually can’t imgaine it any different. For the most part (with the exception of my kitchen) these have been pretty abstract. That is, until yesterday afternoon and the inspiration for this entry.

Regular readers know my backpack was lost/stolen in June. The bus company and driver were clearly at fault but couldn’t afford to replace my things. It wasn’t a problem since most of them were insured and the insurance company paid for them. I decided not to take the company to court since they couldn’t repay me and I felt fortunate enough to have been able to have owned them in the first place. The bus company was told I wouldn’t be filing a claim against them and were grateful. I considered the incident over, and moved on. But this being Bulgaria, the strangest things can happen.

I was informed by the Safety and Security Officer at the Peace Corps that the Bulgarian Government would be taking the company to court. Yes, the national government of the Republic of Bulgaria wants to take a small village bus company to court over my lost backpack. I thought that decision rested with me alone. It’s just a lost backpack, not a kidnapping or murder where the state files charges. Anyway, she told me that I didn’t want to go to court and the company knew this. They told her that I would have to travel all the way to Gotse Delchev and tell them in person that I’m not interested. That’s about 40lv (or about 3.5 days stipend for me) and a whole day wasted (it’s about an eight hour round trip). I have no idea why all this is going on. I mean, if I tell the police there that I’m not interested and the state takes it to trial, what happens? What if state wins? Do I get the money? What if I just give the money back to the company?

I told this to several of my friends. All of them cut me off and just said “This is Bulgaria…” None of this really makes any sense. I really hope I don’t have to take a whole day off work just to say “Ne”. In the mean time, I have to get the contact info of the Bulgarian friend of a friend who helped me with the police. I have no idea what’s going on but I’ll keep you posted.

Just another day in the BG…


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One Response to “This is Bulgaria…”

  1. thomas Says:

    just ignore it because, this is bulgaria.

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