Sometimes it hardly feels like I’ve been in the Peace Corps that long. But when you look at a calender, I’ve been living in Bulgaria for over a year and the one year anniversary of being sworn in is just around the corner. This fact hit home the other day when I was talking to some other volunteers. It came in the form of “Oh! Did you know so and so went home today?” They were talking about some of the B-20s, the YD/COD group before us. Yes, the group before us is reaching the end of their service and leaving the Peace Corps. This makes us, the B-22s, the old kids on the block (at least for YD/COD work). It’s just an odd feeling knowing that you know these people and were mentored by some of them but now, they’re reached the end of their road and are heading home.

For me, this means I’m getting a bit lonely. Not in the fact that I actually feel lonely. The Peace Corps hasn’t sent any replacement volunteers to my region. Right now, there are about seven of us within an hour or so. After October, there will only be three (myself included). I’m combating this by throwing myself into work and community more. I’ve got a year left and I need to make the most of it.

Time in the Peace Corps goes by much faster than you could ever imagine…


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