Summer Bike Ride

This weekend I took my new bike out to the village of Zetevo and took some pictures along the way. The trip went through several sunflower fields. However, the season is over so it’s just fields and fields of dead sunflowers. Though it was pretty in its own way.
Photos from my trip:

I also went to Tsenovo today but didn’t bring my camera. Next time I do (probably next weekend; it was a gorgeous ride) I’ll certainly take it.

Summer Bike Ride

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2 Responses to “Summer Bike Ride”

  1. Tyler.Keith.Wasson. Says:


    This post reminded me of a song.

    Here is part of the lyrics to the Rolling Stones “Dead Flowers”. Further proof that something dealing with dead flowers can be “pretty in its own way”.

    “Take me down little Susie, take me down
    I know you think youre the Queen of the underground
    And you can send me dead flowers every morning
    Send me dead flowers by the US mail
    Say it with dead flowers at my wedding
    And I wont forget to put roses on your grave
    No I wont forget to put roses on your grave”

    Too bad it’s a song about Heroin addiction.


  2. Andrea Says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just read this post about taking a bike ride to Tsenovo. I am a B23 TEFL currently living in Tsenovo, so feel free to drop a line anytime you are heading this way, if you want.


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