From the Bulgarian newspaper Sega, via the Embassy Daily Press Brief:

According to a poll, conducted by Eurobarometer, Bulgarians have never been more concerned about crime.  41% of the 1,000 Bulgarians interviewed said that “fighting organized crime must be EC’s top priority.”  “Because Bulgarians have lost confidence in their government, they hope Brussels will help them deal with widespread crime.”  25% of Bulgarians said they trust Bulgarian police, while 65% said they don’t.  Distrust toward Bulgarian political institutions is said to have reached its highest points since Bulgaria’s EU accession.  83% said they do not trust the political parties, 79% do not trust Parliament, 73% do not trust the government, while 51% trust the EU.  The poll then says that it’s only logical that 59% of Bulgarians are unhappy with their life, the largest number compared to all Europeans.


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