New Roommate

I’ve been in the market for a bike for quite a while and I finally found one. I was told of a bike store on the edge of town on the way to the next village, Zetevo. It turns out that the name of this auto shop (that sells bikes) is “Jimmy”. I walked there on the way to lunch. I walked in, and there she was. I just knew that was the bike for me. A woman behind me called me by name and asked me if she could help. I was a bit surprised that she knew my name but it turns out she’s on the dance team. She introduced me to her husband, Jimmy. He could a kick out our name. He’s a jolly guy and very kind. I took the bike out for a ride. It was a perfect fit. They told me if I ever have a problem with my bike to bring it to them and they would fix it. For free. It pays to have friends in town. 🙂

She’s a Soviet-era road bike built in the city of Kazanlak (so they told me) and has a gnarly Bulgarian flag on the fork. I took it out for a spin after work. It was so much fun whizzing around town! I decided to go down the best street in town. It’s important to note that in my city, when there are pot holes in the road, they fill them full of gravel. I did not think about this and the road quickly became the worst road in town; a road that no amout of gravel could fix. There is a reason that they were repairing that road! With these roads and cobble stone streets, it makes sense all the bikes for sell are mountain bikes! I’ll be taking this bad boy out to the country side as soon as I can!


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3 Responses to “New Roommate”

  1. thomas Says:

    for real though, i’m going to buy that bike off you, or another comparable bike from Jimmy’s

  2. Pete Lumbis Says:

    That is a totally boss ride! I want a bike in the States with a Bulgarian flag on the fork.

    Next steps:
    1.) Name it
    2.) Create a myspace page for it
    3.) Make friends with my bike (

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