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Bulgaria under pressure over crime

Just 18 months after Bulgaria became a member of the European Union, it risks losing millions worth of EU funds unless it can prove it is cracking down on corruption and organised crime. …There have been 150 contract killings since 1990, but not a single conviction. The latest took place in April, not far from one of the busiest bus stops in Sofia.

That’s not good. However, I believe that the Bulgarian government is making honest strides to clean up the corruption. It’s important to keep in mind that corruption is a global problem and it can’t be fixed overnight. According to Transparency International, Bulgaria is ranked 64th (tied with Croatia and Turkey) while the US is number 20 (between France and Belgium respectively).

I wrote a paper in college about corruption and I find it a fascinating topic. It can be very difficult to define and it’s often very murky (some definitions include using government money to cater to the upper class for legitimate expenses. For example, buying expensive hospital equipment instead of badly needed vaccines for the general public). I believe that things will be worse off if the EU cuts off Bulgaria’s aid. That being said, Bulgaria needs to take a stronger approach tackling the problem.

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3 Responses to “What I’m Reading”

  1. Carol Casperson Says:

    Corruption in Bulgaria interests me as our daughter lived there for 4 years. Now she has a shop there which sells horse back riding equipment. She now lives in London but travels to Sofia for a week each month to supervise the shop.

  2. Jason Says:

    But Bulgaria has the lowest unemployment in whole Europe.

  3. Jimmy Says:

    Employment and employment at less than a living wage are two different things. Poverty is one of the leading causes of corruption, especially amongst civil servents.

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