Project Updates

Kindergarten English Class: I sat in on my sitemate’s class yesterday. It’s the class I’ll inherit next year. I had a blast and got to see first hand how to handle them, resonable expectations, and ideas for lessons. The class ended with coloring houses and I was given several multicolor drawings. I’ll be putting them up in my aparment. (Sadly, I have no fridge magnets). I’ll be sitting in again today.

Computer Class: I’m still the computer teacher at the school (same as the kindergarten). Tomorrow is the last day I’ll teach it until the next school year. School ends at my school this Friday.

Translation: I’ll be doing some more translation work for the At-Risk Youth Center later this week.

Student English group: After months of uncertainty, ideas and brainstorming, the student English group is a go! I’m meeting several students, ranged from 8th to 12th grade tomorrow at a cafe. I’m excited! This spurred me to arrange my co-workers English discussion. That will take place this Friday.

Day Camp: One of the PCVs in the neighboring city of Plovdiv emailed me asking if I could help her in a day camp she’s organizing. I eagerly agreed. This camp is for students from the 5th to 8th grades and will take place towards the end of next month. The camp will last for a week.

As you can see, my work is going to be picking up soon!



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