“Your work is to find work”

-PC Staff during training

I seem to be finding/planning work but not so much on the follow through. I have lots of plans and project ideas but they tend just be that, plans and ideas. I’ve been trying to get my English clubs off the ground. There has been enthusiasm but little action. As for my medical center project, it’s stalled. I’ve written emails to the WHO, World Bank, EEA and Ministry of Finance with nothing to show for it. I’m not really sure where to proceed with it, or if I can. Even worse, I think my lack of progress is letting down my co-workers and the doctors in the villages that I surveyed. Especially this one.

Even though I’m a COD volunteer, I’m not really doing much COD work. That’s been frustrating; part of the reason I was excited to be a Community and Organizational Development volunteer was to get more specific experience. The only COD-type work I’ve done is help with the PHARE project, the At-Risk Children’s Center- Youth Development (YD)-type work. The only real work I feel like I’ve been doing is teaching the computer class and will be a kindergarten teacher (since there will be no new TEFL in town after my site mate leaves).

I was talking about my frustrations with Cindy over the weekend and she pointed out that I’m adapting the needs of community and not to fret; I’ll be busy soon enough. If I get my English clubs off the ground with teaching kindergarten and continuing my computer classes, I’ll have my hands full. Part of this is re-assuring as I’ll feel like I’m making a difference. Both another part of me feels like I’ll be letting down my organization, the department of external resources at the municipality.

But it’s not about me, right? The bottom line (and what I need to keep front and center) is my contributions to my community. Most of my PCV friends are in similar positions- YDs feeling like CODs and vice versa while everyone feeling like a TEFL more often than not. I think I need to remember that although I may not be fulfilling my role per se, I will be leaving my community better off than I found it.

No one said the Peace Corps would be easy.


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One Response to ““Your work is to find work””

  1. thomas Says:

    yeah man, really the best thing we can do is accept the situations are in and try to thrive in them — as opposed to thinking back to expectations or ideals and how we are not doing what we might or in theory should be doing. Every situation is different.

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