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For the third year, on the 12th of April, the Municipality of Chirpan came together with James Wall – a Peace Corps Volunteer with the Municipality of Chirpan, and organized a charity football tournament with participants from volunteers around Bulgaria, Chirpan teams and students from the village of Dragodanovo, Sliven (pictured). The tournament was opened with a welcoming speech by the mayor, Vasil Donev, and afterwards there was an exhibition match between Chirpan and Peace Corps Volunteers. After the match, the tournament continued with matched between the 10 teams who entered the tournament

The final winner was one of the teams from Chirpan, “Yavorov”, which was made up of fire fighters. The second place team was from the Peace Corps, “The Manly Volunteers”, third place was the students team from Dragon. The fourth place team was formed of Peace Corps Volunteers, “Team America”. All of the winners received medals provided by the municipality and according to tournament tradition, was closed with the American custom of drinking beer at the stadium.

The 520 Leva raised went to the Charity Fund which gave the money to the At-Risk Children’s Center. They manager of the center, Ms. Milena Andonova, thanked everyone and most of all, James Wall. She said that the money will buy rehabilitation equipment for the children.


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5 Responses to “What I’m Reading”

  1. thomas Says:

    team USA most certainly did not get 4th place — we got knocked out in the first round by another team of ‘mericans. Must be a typo, unless one of the kids teams that actually won had a surprisingly similar name.

  2. Jimmy Says:

    I didn’t change the article; that’s a direct translation. They made several mistakes (including my name, the people in the photo, the names of the teams, the amount raised, etc)

  3. leo F. Jacobs Says:

    I would be extremely gratefull if one of teh volunteers conencted with this tournament especially dealing with the village of Dragodanovo could contact me
    thanking you in anticipation
    Leo . Jacobs

  4. Trevor Says:

    What up Jimbo,

    good work on the tourney! I wish I was there. I have been meaning to track down your new blog for a while, but the crazy commies in China have your blog filtered out. Pakistan rocks!, and I am off to Nepal the 26th.

  5. Project Updates « Chronicling Bulgaria Says:

    […] I’ll be doing some more translation work for the At-Risk Youth Center later this […]

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