Croatian Vacation

I’m going on vacation tomorrow to Serbia and Croatia (mostly in Croatia). I’m going with two other PCVs from Bulgaria. We catch a train tomorrow from Sofia to Belgrade. From Belgrade we go to Zagreb and from Zagreb to Split. We’re taking the train the entire way and it will take us about 28 hours to get there. We’ll spend a night in Split before going to our main destination: Dubrovnik. A map of our trip:

This is just the rail route. Dubrovnik doesn’t have a train station so we’ll be taking a bus there. I’m a little nervous about travelling through Belgrade since Serbian demonstrators attacked the US Embassy after the US recognized Kosovo as an independent state. However, the Peace Corps wouldn’t let us travel there if they didn’t think it was safe.

I won’t be posting until I return on Friday. I’ll be sure to post several photos. Have a great week!


One Response to “Croatian Vacation”

  1. Angelito Quijano Says:

    Be Safe Man! I met Wil and Jess while they were visiting Kyustendil. They were pretty awesome!

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