May Day Celebrations

Last Thursday was May Day, a big holiday in Bulgaria. The municipality celebrated it on the following Friday, the 2nd. Sabors are a lot of fun, even more so when you have a minimal grasp of the language and you know people there. Several people say me dressed up in traditional Bulgarian garb for the first time there. The main ingredients for a sabor are: traditional music, traditional dance, traditional food (bread and sausages) The Esteemed Tyler Wasson was on had to witness this event. We all piled into a bus and drove out to the monastery. We were told that the monastery is the oldest in Europe; being established in AD 344. I remain skeptical. We were one of the first groups to preform during the day. Tyler shot a video that you can check out: (That’s Andrea, second from the right. I’m at the the 1’08 mark) This was the first time dancing this horo outside so it was a little confusing at the beginning. However, I think we did a good job. After the dance, Tyler and I walked around the fair ground. We also went up to the monastery, which was packed full of people lighting candles and getting holy water from a well. On the way back, Tyler and I found this dude making cotton candy (well worth a picture)

and a monk buying ice cream. I wasn’t sure if it was disrespectful to take a photo so Tyler stood in.

Some of my favorite photos of the day were:

The rest of the photos can be found here:

May Day and St. George’s Day

A post about my trip to Varna and Isperih will be up later.


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    […] to them all. Now it looks like I’m not integrating BUT Chirpan had a similar celebration on May Day. Not only did I attend, I danced in a concert. So […]

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