Who says there isn’t a Spring Break in the real world?

There are several holidays this week. Today was the Bulgarian Labor Day. Since today was a “почивен ден” (or holiday), I have today and tomorrow off. Tomorrow I will be dancing at the local monastery. I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was: nearby villages and cities are organizing groups to come. This concert I’m preforming in will most likely be televised. Pretty outrageous. This brings us to the weekend. Total days off so far: four. Tuesday is one of the biggest holidays in the country: St. George’s feast day. St. George is the patron saint of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Army. Total days off: six! Who says there isn’t a spring break in the real world? So what I am doing for these extended vacation? Yesterday I had a half day of work (at lunch everyone in the office looked at each other, sighed and said: “See you next Wednesday” and took off. I went to dance practice for the performance tomorrow after editing my tutor’s paper. Andrea and her now finance, Mustafa, provided food for a banquet to help them celebrate their engagement. PCV and ultimate BA, Tyler, came to town. He’s here to hang out and go to the concert tomorrow. Today, we woke up and caught a train to Stara Zagora to meet other PCVs for lunch. Today was an awesome day. In convenient, easy to read bullet points, why Tyler and I had an awesome day:

  • We caught up with some awesome PCVs
  • I got details hammered out for my vacation to Croatia
  • We made a PCV feel more confident about their work
  • Got currency exchanged for my vacation at a very shady (but legitimate) exchange bureau that looks like it’s run by the mafia
  • We helped my tutor on her paper
  • We stayed at my tutor’s apartment for several hours and shot the breeze about several topics, in both English and Bulgarian
  • We baked chocolate chip cookies for my baba and diaydo (to be given tomorrow morning)
  • We had a long conversation with the ticket lady at the train station when we bought our tickets for tomorrow
  • We chatted and got rakiya recommendations from one of my friends who works at the pizza restaurant.

All in all, it was a very successful day. I could, of course, go into more detail. But I think you get the jest. If I have the time later, I’ll flesh it out. I won’t be updating my blog in a bit, but I’ll be sure to write about my adventures this weekend and share photos. My plans are: Tomorrow preform in the concert and rock out with the locals as well as other Bulgarians with Tyler. Tomorrow night, Tyler and I are catching a midnight train to Varna. From there, we’ll meet up with several other PCVs and stay at the Yo Ho Hostel. We’ll spend two nights there and then head to Tyler’s city of Isperix, where we’ll kick it with his friends and celebrate St. George’s Day. Bottom line: it’s going to be an awesome break. On the 11th, I’m going to Croatia with two other volunteers. I’ll post about that later. That’s it for now; I’ll post again when I get back. 4ao 4ao!


One Response to “Who says there isn’t a Spring Break in the real world?”

  1. Angelito Quijano Says:

    Awesome man! Hope you had a killer weekend!

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