A walk in the woods

Last Monday, I went to Kazanlak to visit Anita and another PCV, Natalie. I was invited to go on a hike with them in a small village next to Kazanlak. It was a short, but beautiful hike. There were several wildflowers blooming.

We were hiking up to a pile of rocks that were consctucted to make a Stonehenge like pagan calender. It however, looks nothing like Stonehenge.

On the way down, we ran into Anita’s tutor. She and her husband were on the same hike we just did. They told just to wait from them and they would take us to the nearby reservoir.

From there, they offered to take us to a nearby town called Shipka. Shipka holds a special place in Bulgarian history. During the final days of the Ottoman Empire (called “Turkish Yoke” by Bulgarians), the Russian army came to the aid of Bulgaria. Shipka is situation by a mountain pass and this was where the Ottomans made one of their final pushes.

Several Russian soldiers were killed and the Tsar raised funds to build this magnificent churches:

As you can see, the domes of the church look very Russian, much like St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square.

St. Basil’s Cathedral (The Kremlin) Shipka Memorial Church

There is a fort at Shipka as well but we ran out of time. I’ve got plenty of time to check it out. Anita’s tutor dropped us back of in Kazanlak, where our day had began. The three of us went to get duners and settled down in a cafe for beer. A great end to a great day. I made my way home and slept well.

More photos here:

Kazanlak and Shipka

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