Pizza Pie

So I got to thinking, what’s a great meal? Pizza. So I set out make it. And by jove, was I thrilled with the results. I knew it was going to be great which is why I photographed my culinary creation for your enjoyment/envy.

What goes into Jimmy’s fantastic gastronomic voyage?

Clockwise starting from the half onion-

A big bag of dough purchased at the local market. Yes, I was too excited about getting it right that I outsourced what I believe is the hardest part-the cooking.

A block of “universal” Kima. That’s the ground meat that’s a mixture of beef and pork (emphasis on the pork). I’m not sure what makes it “universal” but it has yet to let me down.

A box of “Italian” tomato paste. I’m falling in love with this stuff; I use it as the base of my chili and spaghetti sauce. I’m starting to tap it’s potential. Any recipes involving it are greatly appreciated.

My stash (read:used box of Bulgarian ice cream) of spices! I keep all my goodies in here: oregano, basil, chili powder, bullion, vials of vanilla power that looks a lot like crack, etc.

A big bag o’ mushrooms. This will last me a good while. I’ll have to make Shepard’s Pie or spaghetti soon.

Lukanka, which is more or less summer sausage. I got excited seeing it cut up in pepperoni slices instead of it’s traditional phallic shape.

Kaskaval (yellow cheese). I got a worried when I saw it on the shelf for 10.40Lv! I thought, I can’t have pizza without cheese so I grudgingly bought it. “Hey wait a minute!” you say, isn’t your stipend like, 10lv a day? That’s correct; I was so dedicated in making this meal, I was willing to sacrific eating tomorrow. Thankfully, it was 10.40 a kilo so it came up to 2 something.

Half an onion.

I starting mixin’ it all up. I sautéed the diced onions with black pepper. Once they went translucent, I added the Kima and fried that up in oregano and basil. And while I was cooking that I made my pizza sauce:

I poured some of the tomato sauce and mixed in a little flour to thicken it up. I then throw in a dash of black pepper, oregano, basil and a little garlic power then mixed it up. I then greased the bottom of a banitsa pan with butter and then added a little oil to make it crispy. I spread the dough out and covered it with the above sauce. The lukanka went on next, followed by mushrooms and the awesomely tasty kima/onion mixture. All of this was covered in big drifts of shredded kaskaval. The end result:

I put it in the oven and then tended to a riveting Sherlock Holmes mystery. I kept looking up from my book and creeping up to my oven (temperature ~300F) to watch my beauty grow. I think I actually stroked the glass window but I digress. By the time Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson had apprehended the murderer (it was the stage coach driver. Didn’t see it coming either) my chef-d’oeuvre was complete. I pulled the piping hot pizza out of the oven and placed it on the stove. My mouth watered and my mind was stunned “I created this!?

*a*#*^!(#($*@!! It was good. So good in fact, there’s no left. Yep. It’s all gone. Me thinks this recipe isn’t a good thing to stumble upon when I’m planning on running a marathon this fall…



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