Burrito Night!

I’m going to take a wild stab at it in бърито вечер. That’s probably grossly wrong but my dictionary doesn’t have “Burrito” in it (it does, however, translate “Irish” to “green n*ggers” so, yea, not a very dependable dictionary).

Any who, it was a spectacular evening! I haven’t had such a flavorful mean in a long time. Thanks to my grandparents to making it possible. When my brother and uncle came, they also brought taco seasoning (in the garden of Eden, I’m convinced it snowed this) and large flour tortillas. The day started out early when I caught the train to Plovdiv to meet Cindy and go shopping a the supermarket. We bought some avocados and cilantro. As we found out later, avocados in Bulgaria don’t tend to be ripe in the market.

We tried several methods, but none of them resulted in guacamole.

MMM! Nothing like “кайма” (literally ground meat. I think it’s combination of pork and beef. Emphasis on “pork”) mixed with sauteed onions in taco seasoning! That’s rice cooking on the right.

The burrito, in all of its glory. We didn’t have sour cream, so we used regular yogurt instead. It wasn’t that bad.

My lovely girlfriend refusing to take a nice photo for my grandma.
(Note the bottle of Cholula made an appearance. Thanks Buns and Phil!)

All in all, it was a very successful meal. Thanks again, Grandma and Grandpa! It’s safe to say that Burrito Night! will reoccur.



One Response to “Burrito Night!”

  1. Бaбoчкa Says:

    Как всегда просто супер обьёмная статья и как всегда дочитал 🙂

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