My Bulgarian Barometer

From time to time I get a gauge to see how far my Bulgarian has progressed. This also just happens to be the exact same time I get my haircut, which works out well. I’ve been going to the same place to get a new ‘do since I moved to Chirpan. The first time I went there, I needed the help of a colleague to help set up an appointment and tell the hairdresser how I wanted it cut. The second time I went there unassisted, but mumbled foolishly and pointed to her date book when I wanted to set it up. The previous time things went more smoothly and I chatted with her about my upcoming projects. “Malko po malko” (little by little) as they say here. Yesterday, I swung by her place and causally asked if she had any free time to make an appointment for me tomorrow. It was after I left that I realized how that conversation have been impossible months ago. It also put in perspective how far I’ve come in eight meager months (eight months already!?). She remembered that my brother and uncle had visited last week. As she cut my hair, I recounted my exploits with them; all the cities we visited, people we met and things we did. We also talked about the weather, the problems facing the country and my wanting to buy a tv to help me improve my language. She’s a wonderful lady who does a fantastic job. I am pleased to hear that every time I get my haircut, she tells me that my Bulgarian is improving. Month by month, I’m making strides with this terrifically difficult language.



One Response to “My Bulgarian Barometer”

  1. Lisa Says:

    yay! you win!

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