The weekend ahead

I don’t think I’ve posted about it, but tomorrow is another dance concert that I’m involved in. We’ve been practice for about 3 weeks or so. It should be a great time, especially since there will be about 10 PCVs and Americans in the audience. The team is very excited at the prospect of meeting so many Americans. The banquet after the dance should be great fun. There will be no shortage of eating, dancing and drinking. My tutor is also planning on being there. Good times ahead! This weekend is a three day weekend. Monday is Liberation Day, the day Bulgaria was freed from the Ottoman Empire. They were “enslaved”, as they frequently put it, for 500 years. This is the 130 anniversary so it’s sure to be a big event. More details later.

This weekend I am going to Stoikite (a town so remote that if we don’t make it there by 3pm, we have to hitch hike) for another kukeri festival. Kukeri are people who dress up as monsters to chase away evil spirits. So much fun! I’ll post pictures and a more detailed explanation when I get back. There is another PCV who works at a school for delinquent children there. We would be crashing at her apartment but she lives in the vacation home of a British family who will be using their property. We’re going to be staying at the house of another British family who lives in the “Orange County” side of town. It’s called Orange County because there are a lot mansions there own by the mafia and chalga stars (the lyrics tend to be quite shallow and the music videos can easily be confused with softcore porn to the lay viewer). I believe this family has about 5 or 6 kids (both their’s and adopted) they are all ecstatic that ten Americans are going to be spending the weekend with them (you read that right, ten). It’s going to be an action packed weekend! More details on my adventures as soon as I have them.

The charity football (soccer) tournament planning is going well. I’m going to review the schedule of events and the flyer with the “sports minister” tomorrow. As soon as I get his ok, we can start advertising.  One of my colleagues wants to advertise using the local tv, radio and newspapers. I’m pretty excited to get that much exposure. I hope we can handle a lot people. I know a lot of PCVs are interested. It should make for a good time.

The surveys for the medical centers are due tomorrow. I hope they’re useful. As soon as they’re translated, we’ll appeal to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, the WHO, the World Bank, Red Cross Geneva as well as others. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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