I’m calling it

Spring is officially here. It got up to 70 F today without a cloud in the sky. Now let’s hope this keeps up for the next 20 months… I went back and I re-read some of my entries. I realize I’ve written (read:wined) a lot about the weather. But I think you would too if you lived 20 minutes away from Zuma Beach for seven years.

Project updates below the fold.

Charity Football (Soccer) Tournament: I have the details what the money raised will be used for. More specifically:

The Center’s purpose is to work with children who need mental and social rehabilitation as well as help those who have dropped out of school. The other services offered by the Center include: decreasing the number of abandoned children, teaching parenting skills to pregnant teenagers and teaching childcare to future foster parents. The money raised by this tournament will be used to purchase health and rehabilitation equipment for the children.

My next step is to get information published in the Peace Corps Bulgaria newsletter as well as the US Embassy weekly newsletter. I’ll also be posting information and sign ups around the municipality. If you’re interested in attending, contact me at Wall.JamesL (at) gmail (dot) com

Village Medical Centers: I’ve been getting more surveys in. Things are looking better than the first respondents. Today one of the village doctors came in to hand in her survey and wanted to personally met me. She was so excited that someone was seriously concerned about the medical infrastructure. She shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said: “Do you think you can do something to help us?” I smiled, looked her right back in the eye “I hope so!” “Good! Me too!”

I also had tutoring today. I think I’ve reached the point where I have a firm grasp of Bulgarian grammar. It’s not easy. Example: Dog is “koche”, which is genderless. “The dog” is “Kocheto”. “Good dog” is “dobro koche” “dobro” being the genderless “good”. “The good dog” is “dobroto koche”. To make things even more complicated, “The good dogs” would be “Dobrite kochi”. I’m at the point where I need to expand my vocabulary. I can’t say much but what I can say, I say correctly!

I’ll be writing about a Bulgarian holiday coming up this Saturday in detail soon. Aside from that, there’s not much to report.


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2 Responses to “I’m calling it”

  1. Lisa Says:

    It’s totally not fair that you get Spring before me! Growl! We had like 2 days of Spring, but then it got all cold and windy again 😦 I guess that’s what I get for choosing somewhere that’s at the same latitude as parts of Alaska…

  2. “Your work is to find work” « Chronicling Bulgaria Says:

    […] I seem to be finding/planning work but not so much on the follow through. I have lots of plans and project ideas but they tend just be that, plans and ideas. I’ve been trying to get my English clubs off the ground. There has been enthusiasm but little action. As for my medical center project, it’s stalled. I’ve written emails to the WHO, World Bank, EEA and Ministry of Finance with nothing to show for it. I’m not really sure where to proceed with it, or if I can. Even worse, I think my lack of progress is letting down my co-workers and the doctors in the villages that I surveyed. Especially this one. […]

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