Today has been an incredibly nice day. I loved just walking around town, especially the cafe area. All of the cafes have put their outdoor seating back on their patios and they were packed! There were lots of extra people out since Fridays are pazar (baazar) days. Not a cloud in the sky! I really really can’t wait for spring to arrive. It’s been a cold winter and I don’t want to think that mother nature would tease me like this. I went to the restaurant under my apartment for lunch. It was so nice sitting by the open door and eating there when it was dark and dreary out! I only wished I had brought a book with me. I ate a fantastic (and cheap!) lunch of duck livers (hunter style). I’m adding it to the list of awesome food I’ve discovered while in Bulgaria.

Tomorrow I’m just going to take advantage of the nice weather. Read in a cafe, go running watch the local football team at the stadium. Who knows! I’m just excited at the prospect that it could get up 20 C!

I had extra dance practice this evening in preparation of the concert next week. As soon I walked in the door I was greeted with a “Jimmy! YADISH!” or “EAT!” Some of my friends were sitting around a table where one of them had brought some food from home. It was great and reminded me of when I lived with my family back during PST. It was beef (bones and all, even the eerie backbone) in rice and cabbage. Tasty! Whenever I stopped or took a sip of beer (ironically given to me in a coffee mug with “baby” Disney characters on it) I was told to keep eating. YADISH!

After practice I went to the store across the street to get some gum. I noticed the girl in front of me was the daughter of one of the women I dance with. She had just left earlier than me on a beer run for her mom and friends. I then witnessed something incredible-someone getting carded for buy alcohol! I vouched for the girl, saying that she was in fact, buying it for her mom. The cashier was skeptical but ran the purchase anyway. I wonder why there was a problem as she runs these kinds of errands for the people on the team often, especially to buy cigarettes (the drinking and smoking age in Bulgaria is 18 but this was the first time I’d seen any actual “enforcement”).


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