Slower Day

Not much happened today. Work has slowed down since my flurry of activity yesterday. I’m just waiting to get the surveys back from the doctors, more information about where the money for the football tournament will go and to be introduced to the English high school teachers about the English club. I killed some time before I went to the school to teach class. When I got there, the table in the teacher’s lounge was covered in food! It was a teacher’s birthday. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, on your birthday, you treat your friends to food and drink. There was plenty to eat and drink. And by drink, I mean everything ranging from soda to home-made rakiya. Yep, there was alcohol. Some of them tried to get me to drink some whiskey. “I can’t! I have to teach in 10 minutes!” “Well, how about after class?” “Ok.” “Great! We’ll call the mayor and tell him that you can’t go back to work because you’re drinking with us!”. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Such are the differences between cultures. In the US, teachers would get crucified for drinking at school on the job, even more so in an elementary school!

After work, I headed over to Andrea’s apartment where I met her and her boyfriend. The three of us went to the football stadium and kicked the ball around before dance. I changed out of my long sleeve t-shirt and gym short before going to the cultural center. I’m sure everyone would have had a heart attack if they saw me in shorts! I didn’t want to repeat a previous episode. But thankfully the water is back on that I can take a shower for tomorrow (The entire city lost water again today).

I’ve got to go to Pazardjik tomorrow morning to have lunch with the Peace Corps Director (world wide) as well as give my perspective as a new PCV. That, by the way, I find a little insulting. I mean, here I am, 23 years old, where I am the first American several people have met. I am their outlet for all kinds of questions about America and American life; I’m given a lot of latitude. But to have lunch with the director of the organization I work for, I have to run a gauntlet of what I can and can’t say. Everything double checked, to make it’s appropriate. I suppose some of it makes sense, the PC BG staff doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of PC DC. But come on! I think it goes without saying that if someone was confirmed by Congress, s/he deserves respect!


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