And Everything Else

On Friday, I went to Stara Zagora to have dinner with two PCVs who live there. I planned on taking the 21:30 bus back.  However the bus station was closed so I headed back and met up with them again. We stayed at a bar until my train at 1am. There was a cover band there that was really good. His English while singing was excellent but I don’t know if he could speak much. When he sang a British song, he got an English accent and when he sang Lynard Skynard, he got a Southern accent. The packed with drunk Brits. Like, they couldn’t stand up, they were so drunk.

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping. I had decided to make chili, but didn’t have all the ingredients. I stopped at my baba for some onions and tomatoes. She looked at my groceries and asked me what I was making. I told her I was making Chili and cornbread; American food. She seemed interested. I gave her some bon boni as I wasn’t able to see her on my birthday. “AYE! Wait here!” She ran out to her house and returned with some palachinka, a tastey Bulgarian treat. It’s fried dough (like a doughnut) covered in powder sugar. I spent the rest of the day cooking chili and corn bread while listening to Bob Marely.

Today was such a beautiful day. It was sunny and temperatures in the low 60’sF. I decided to take advantage of this weather and I went on a hike around town. Here are a few of my photos:

A quiant house with a blue Lada in the driveway
Part of the high school. This section remains unfinished from after the Berlin Wall fell. The Municipality can’t do anything about it since it’s property of the central government.
Melting snow on a residential street
Overlooking the Western part of town.
The station master’s cottage on the tracks
The train tracks near my apartment
The Old Mountain range to the North. The Rodopis are to the South.
The city fire station 

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