Bulgarian Birthdays

Written 27/01/08

I was sick on my birthday, but this is how a Bulgarian birthday is supposed to go.

In Bulgaria, birthday’s a reversed. The person celebrating their birthday is the one who is supposed to treat their friends to a meal or something. It is also customary to give co-workers bon boni (chocolates). As I was unable to do this, I will be giving my colleagues at work some chocolate chip cookies I baked today (Sunday).

My colleague stopped by my apartment every afternoon after work to see if I was ok. He told me everyday that if I wasn’t feeling better, they’d take me to the hospital. He also asked if I had any medicine. I thanked him for his concern, and told him going to the hospital wouldn’t be necessary and that I have plenty of medicine for this. I (rightly) figured that all I had to do was just sleep it off and let whatever it was run its course. One my birthday, he gave me a present from all of my co-workers: a sword.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it. However, Chirpan does have a stray cat problem…

I got several several phone calls and txt messages throughout the day. I got a phone call from my former counterpart who was in Sofia for work. I got txt messages from my host mother, host mother, host brother, co-workers and PCVs. It was so nice to have so many people wish me well.


One Response to “Bulgarian Birthdays”

  1. www.thewoodtothesand.blogspot.com Says:

    When you told me you got a sword I was thinking that’s cool. Now that I have seen the sword, I am in complete awe! Unless I get a sword or an old school AK 47, I will consider my birthday present a disappointment. Thanks for setting the bar so high…not.

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