Weekend Travelling

This weekend I met up with several other PCVs.  On Friday, Barb had a Peace Corps meeting in Sofia. She took a bus and got to Chirpan four hours later than we expected (the meeting ran late). We ate dinner at the local pizza restaurant. The next morning, we went to Plovdiv. We met up with two other PCVs on the train. We got to Plovdiv and wondered about the city. We settled in a cafe on the walking strip and waited for another PCV to show up. While we were drinking coffee, a drunk Bulgarian man sitting near us occasionally stuck up a conversation with us. His English was broken but easy to understand. He asked us where we were from what what we were doing here. He must not have had the best memory, because despite telling him several times, he thought we were tourists. After he would finished talking to us, he would salute and say “I wish you great time in my country”. This happened about three times. Eventually, he wished us well, and left.

Since I was with four girls, I inevitably got dragged around to several stores. We eventually made our way to a Mediterranean restaurant. They had some awesome humus (spelled “homos” on the menu). We talked about projects we were doing, possible vacations we wanted to take, when family would be coming to visit among topics. It was during lunch that we spontaneously decided to go to Stara Zagora, where Amber lives. We finished our lunch and headed out. Before we left the city, we strolled around Old Town and went to the Roman Amphitheatre that overlooks the city.

On the way to the train station we stopped at the Billa (a Bulgarian supermarket) where I bought some Heinz ketchup and marmalade. I wanted to buy two jars but I bought the last one. Thankfully Cindy brought back another jar for me during her layover in London. We then caught the train and were on our way!

While in Stara Zagora, we went to Amber’s apartment. Alexa, Amber and I decided to go to a Discotheque. We headed out to one near the walking strip. It was incredibly loud and I didn’t understand what one of the bouncers was asking me. In a reflex, I just told him “Да”. He started to pat me down. I soon realized I had unwittingly to him that I was carrying a firearm! Thankfully, my ignorance of the situation didn’t get me into trouble.

All in all, it was a very busy day. I had a great time and it was wonderful to hear how other volunteers were coping. 


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