Stats and whatnot

I was doing some work on the medical center survey today and found some statistics. What I found most concering is the imbalance of age in the villages surrounding Chirpan. The most “balanced” village had a break down of 26% (0-18); 48% (18-65); 26% (over 65). First of all, I see the mistakes in the way they’re catagorized. 18 to 65 is a huge gap. However I think the are interested in seeing the numbers of “working age” (though I’m not really sure why they counted 18 twice). The town (and the little hamlets that surround it) that worries me the most has a break down has a break down of 5% (120); 6% (150); and 89% (2304) respectively. I’m staggered how lopsided it is! This little village is literally dying.

As for the rest of my day, I taught a computer class to first and third grade today. The best part of teaching (aside from working with eager kids, of course), is the free lunch. Today was a potato and chicken stew. I had a nice chat with the lunch lady about her Christmas and New Years. I wasn’t expecting her to tell me she went on vacation to Greece! While walking back to the office, I ran into one of the municipality drivers. We talked a little bit. He’s a really nice guy in his 60s. He’s trying to learn English and knows a few basic phrases.

I got back the office and talked with the same lawyer as yesterday. He was interested to hear that Romney won the Michigan Primary. He asked me how class went and was surprised that I wasn’t getting paid for it. “I’m a volunteer in the Peace Corps so…I can’t get paid” A lady the came into the office, asking me to look at her English homework. I started to make some corrections and was immediately told “No! If you use pen, my teacher will see the corrections” (she hardly needed any corrections at all). Turns it was a practice test and her teacher is none other than my Bulgarian tutor.

Shoot. My new heater just broke. At least the weather’s getting warmer (it’s a balmy 34 F).


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