Irrelevant ramblings

None of what lies below is related to service. Just irrelevant ramblings.

Winter is starting to get to me. It’s not so much the cold, it’s the lack of color. Not being able to see the sun in over a month has been wearing too. But the one think that’s wearing me down in the fog. For the past several days, Chirpan has be enveloped with a thick, dense fog which only gives about 75 yards of visibility.  It’s like I’m in a frigid purgatory. And I’m less than a month into winter. But we have rainy to make us appreciate the sunny ones, right? Or so I tell myself.

PCVs are starting to plan vacations. Most of which will be going out of country. Fellow B-22s Chase, Jasmine and Barb will be taking a tour of the Middle East (Israel, Jordan and Egypt) at the end of March. It’s a trip that I hope to take myself. I, on the other hand, am planning a trip to Turkey with Justin and Tyler. Tyler has befriended a Turk named Jafar (I so badly want to have a friend named “Jafar”) and we’ll travel to Istanbul with him and stay with his family (at least that’s the plan). I’m so excited to travel and stay with a Turkish family and have a local show us around. I can think of no better way to travel.

My other vacations I’ve got simmering are:

My super cool awesome trip with my Uncle and Brother. We’ll just stay in Bulgaria, show them my digs, neighboring cities, the Rila Monastery, the Black Sea (which I have yet to visit. May still be cold, but it’s supposed to be pretty none the less) and kick it with fellow B-22s.

Greece for the Athens Marathon in November.Yep, that’s right, I’m going to try and run a marathon (or at least a half marathon. I’m told that one is more scenic route and involves less cursing. But talk about that ice breaker “So, have you every run a marathon before?” “Yea, I ran the marathon” “Which one?” “No no no, THE marathon!”) At least that’s my goal. I am a pretty crappy runner. Either way, that trip will be with several other 22s so after the race, we’ll tour Athens.

A trip to be determined with Cindy. Not sure where we’ll go, probably somewhere in the region.


I cannot tell you how glad I am to be outside the country for the US election. I feel so much healthier for it too. It’s mostly the fault of the incredibly crappy media coverage. Hillary crying isn’t news. What her policy stances are (can we please ask her about her vote which labeled half the Iranian armed forces a terrorist organization? I’d rather know that than if there’ll be a cat fight between her and Speaker Pelosi). The media in the US is only good at regurgitating what government spokespeople say. Like the Iranian speedboat incident? Turns out the US fleet wasn’t in danger. But just the Administration trying to rattle their saber against the Iranians.

It’s sad that being without being constantly bombarded by 24/7 media coverage I probably have a better understanding of what the candidates stand for. This makes me their worst nightmare: an informed voter (and ironically not much of a threat as I’ll be voting absentee (already applied for it). Absentees aren’t counted unless the vote gets close.)

And now to cook Chili and cornbread with my sitemate!



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2 Responses to “Irrelevant ramblings”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I hear you about the weather… One of my favorite parts of Amsterdam was the bright sunshine, even if it was bitter cold outside. Also, good luck with the marathon… and even more good luck touring the city afterwards if you’re planning on walking for any of that touring. You can do it!

  2. Kellen Says:

    I agree with the Jafar comment. I will up my petition from every volunteer should get a free map to every volunteer should get a free map and a friend named Jafar. I hope Barb and JoEllen are listening.

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