Village Medical Center Project

This week is getting fairly busy. It’s largely do to my new-found pro-activeness. Last week was spent fledgling, going home at lunch and working from there. I was determined to reverse that course this week, and I’ve been doing a good job.

I have been working on a hospital project to renovate the rooms of the medical center in Zetevo, the largest village in the municipality. The center is in such bad condition, that when I was taking a tour with the mayor he literally fell through the floor in one of the rooms. I’ve been working (or at least trying to work) on a SPA (Small Project Assistance) grant. These grants are only available to Peace Corps Volunteers by the US Agency for International Development and are offered up to a maximum of $5,000. The project needs a lot more that five grand and the Obshtina (municipality) will foot the rest of the bill. In case the we don’t win the grant, I’ve been looking for additional ways to finance this project (I appreciate any suggestions you may have). While poking around online, I stumbled across the contact information for the World Bank director in Bulgaria. I started to write him an email about the possibility of getting the WB to fund this project. But in the course of writing this I thought “What is preventing me from repairing all the medical centers?” Every single medical center is in dire need of renovation. Zetevo is only getting the attention because of financial triage. However, don’t know the specific problems the medical centers are facing. And thus the survey was born.

I started to write a survey to give to all the village doctors. The survey covers everything to how they want to improve their infrastructure and medical response to if they have a youth outreach program and how they would like to improve it if they have one. I spent most of the week working developing questions, having it peer reviewed by fellow PCVs (thanks Cindy and Kellen!) as well as writing a cover letter explaining the goals of the survey. I have also translated it into Bulgarian (and then watch my colleagues completely redo my translations, giving me a look that can only mean “good effort, but…”) I hope to get the survey and letter complete by the end of the week and distribute it next week.

I realize getting the World Bank to finance or co-finance this project may be a long shot. But at the very least, I hope to get this worthy task referred to other organizations and agencies who might be able to help. I appreciate any ideas you may have about this project.


One Response to “Village Medical Center Project”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Sorry I don’t have any helpful suggestions, but I do wish you good luck!

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