Slowing Down

With the cold temperatures (currently 19F or -7C) and lots of snow, things have come to a stand still. The streets are now free of snow, but are still covered with a five inch protective layer of ice. And since the sideways have yet to be cleared by a small army of Municipal workers, everyone walks on the slick roads. The snow is about a foot and a half thick to three feet drifts in some places (like right outside my apartment). However, the sun has been shining. So that’s a nice consolation prize. But what has been slow this week, aside from the weather, has been work. I’ve done very little in the office this week, aside from translating documents. I’ve stayed home after lunch everyday because I either won’t have internet access in the office or my colleagues flat out tell me to go as they won’t be doing much of anything in the office. Now this isn’t to say I’ve just piddled the day away at home either. I’ve been researching grants to repair the local medical centers (to little avail, however). Most of the stuff I can find are way out of my league; multi-million Euro projects. But I’ll keep searching. It’s also a bit too soon to get things organized for my charity football (soccer) tournament, but I’ll pick that ball again really soon.


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