OK Jack Frost, I get it

As I write this, it has been snowing for about 20 hours. There is easily a foot and a half of snow outside. I am facing the very real possibility of getting snowed in. My colleagues at work told me to head home around noon for the day. When I walked back to my apartment, the snow was at mid-calf level. When I went to dance practice this evening, it was even higher. According to the forecast, it will be snowing for at least the next two days. This could get interesting.

Benches in the park (the snow is now at seat level)

The view from my apartment

Statue of Peyo Yavorov

More here

In other news…when Cindy spent the weekend here, we backed chocolate chip cookies and gave some to the baba (BG for grandmother) who lives across the street from me and runs a vegetable stand with her husband. In return yesterday, she gave me my plate back full of Баница (banitsa) which is a type of Bulgarian pastry. Very tasty! I think it’s made from pumpkin.


2 Responses to “OK Jack Frost, I get it”

  1. Natalie Says:

    That photo from outside your apartment looks like it is in black & white. All except for that car door. It’s beautiful!

  2. thomas Says:

    So wait, now are you officially a political prisoner and natural disaster refugeee? Astounding.

    we have a couple centimeters of ice down here in Kresna… boy is it slippery!

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