Everything is clean!

My day didn’t start out very good but it certainly ended on a high note. I slept on the floor because my bedroom was frigid. I was told that the repairmen were coming in the afternoon. However, they came early. A lot earlier. I let them in; one goes to fix the sink (now working with a metal clamp and not tape!) and the other to the bedroom to fix the window. The one in the bedroom calls me in to show me something. Apparently all the banging by the repairman yesterday as well as the cold has broken a lot of the putty. So now I have to wait for anotherrepair person. He was getting a little frustrated with me because my Bulgarian is still pretty elementary, especially when it comes to carpentry and glass windows. However, all of them have been very nice and understanding. He’s trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what. I call one of my colleagues and she comes over. It turns out that the repair guy from yesterday cut the glass to big as well. Things start getting fixed and I head to the school to teach.

I had baked the teachers some chocolate chip cookies. They were a little skeptical at first but once they tried them, the whole plate was eaten in an instant. They were a hit because 1) It was “American” food, 2) it was something tasty they had never had before, and most influentially, 3) a guy had made them! Once they discovered I was the chef, I got several hand shakes and pats on the back.

I was then asked to join the first graders as they went to the Kindergarten (translated to “Children’s garden” in Bulgarian) to sing Christmas carols. They were dressed in traditional Bulgarian dress (similar to my horo costume). I was kicking myself for leaving my camera at home. I did get a picture with some of them and I’ll post it when I get it.

I then went home and my counterpart and I cleaned my apartment. Clean as in, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my carpet. I don’t think my place will ever be as clean again. In fact, I was so impressed with how clean every thing is, I ate cereal for dinner. I was planning on stir fry before I was informed of my Bulgarian cleaning lesson.


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