Fixing the apartment

For those of you (all four of you) who have been reading my blog know that I’ve had a few problems with my apartment. A summary reads like this:

The common theme with these problems is water. Typically (especially with the first one) where it shouldn’t be. Now these problems are problems I may be currently enduring or have been fixed. I now have hot water and the washing machine is no longer a big nuisance. The kitchen sink is hit or miss seeing that whenever it gets repaired the solution involves a little more tape than last time. However, “broken window in bedroom” can now be replaced with “gaping hole in bedroom wall”.

I was informed that repairmen would come to my apartment after 1:30 to fix the window. When they arrived, I showed them the damage. They were a bit surprised (much to my chagrin). I was told it would cost me 30 leva to fix. I protested since this problem was here long before moved in. They saw my point and I won’t be charged. An old man came in with a tool kit and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of me. He yanked and pulled on the window until it opened. That window, by the way, is incredibly old. Part of the wood used to make the fixture still had a branch. He continues to tinker with my window, chiseling away at the frame with all sorts of tools (including a knife from my kitchen). He then stands up on the window ledge. I start to freak out-it looks like he’s honestly going to fall to his death out my window. After a prolonged increase in my blood pressure, he finally gets the whole window removed (I didn’t realize this was the goal. I thought he was trying to make opening the window more fluid). The repairmen take the window out of my apartment…and that was the last I saw of them. They left about two and a half hours ago and I have no idea when they’ll be back. I hope it’s really soon because the sun is already setting. The worst part about this whole ordeal is I’ve had to miss the Christmas play my students were putting on this afternoon.

A few other comments

The political situation hasn’t changed much. From what I understand, both candidates have claimed they won legitimately. No one knows who the mayor is and people at work joke they have two mayors. I don’t think it’s going to be resolved soon or easily. And to make matters more interesting, I was caught on camera leaving the mayor’s office. I had to fax some paperwork to the Peace Corps headquarters in Sofia. When I left the office, there were news crews shooting footage of the office door (as filler footage I assume). But the Peace Corps Volunteer is now caught on camera leaving the office of the mayor in dispute. I hope they don’t air that part. One of the bedrock Peace Corps policy is not to get involved in local politics. Otherwise, it’s a ticket home.

Updated 17:54
The repairmen came back with a window. However, it doesn’t fit. So tonight I have to sleep on the couch. I was told to spend tomorrow at home to wait for more repairmen (the sink still isn’t fixed) but I have to teach class. They also want to find someone to clean my apartment. I’ve told them about the class and I’m perfectly capable of cleaning my own apartment. I’m starting to get frustrated with all of this.


3 Responses to “Fixing the apartment”

  1. Lisa Says:

    dude, i’m sure more than 4 people read your blog… i come by and read every few days 🙂 sorry stuff is currently so frustrating. the only goo part is that if it’s all bad, it can’t get any worse, so it has to get better. good luck! and merry christmas!

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