Political turmoil

It’s been an odd day here in Chirpan. About two months ago elections for every single local government in Bulgaria were held. The election for mayor here went into a run off, which was held two weeks after the first one. The mayor was re-elected and sworn in about a month ago. It turns out, the election may have been flawed, and the number two guy challenged it in court. The election board recounted the ballots and re-certified the re-elected mayor as the winner. Today, the court in the providential capital, Stara Zagora, issued a ruling, essentially reversing the election board’s decision. In order to preempt this court order, the city council met yesterday (illegally, I’ve been told), and appointed a interim mayor until everything gets sorted out. I’ve been told they guy they nominated isn’t very well liked and this drew protests against the council’s decision. So when my colleagues found out about this ruling, they all (pretty much everyone-lawyers, secretaries, accountants, janitors) went and stood outside the mayor’s office to 1) show their support for the mayor who was re-elected and 2) pressure the interim dude out of the mayor’s office, where, if I understand correctly, he had been holed up.

I headed up stairs, not wanting to be seen (and violate the PC policy of getting involved in local politics) one of the city lawyers was heading up too. “Ah, Democracy!” he said. I thought to myself, kinda reminds me of Florida in 2000…

As of right now, I have no idea who the mayor is. The courts rule the mayor isn’t the mayor, but he’s already been sworn in. I wonder what’ll happen next. I also have no idea what either of their platforms are. The current (?) mayor was very helpful of the PCV I replaced and I’ve met them both and they’re pretty nice. Who knows.


One Response to “Political turmoil”

  1. Thomas Says:

    We got a new mayor after the run-off, but I found out that it happened due to a less-than-transparent last minute coalition between three parties. So, now the mayor and 2 vice mayors are from different parties. We’ll see how it plays out. Anyway, still not as tumultuous as your Chirpan story.

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