Dance party!

Last night was a holiday celebrating university students (“College” in Bulgaria is like a commuity college in the US). I was invited to attend a dance party at the bar/restaurant where I usually eat dinner with my colleagues and their friends on Fridays.

We walked in, and the place was starting to fill up; mostly with university students. We sat down and started to order. I ordered a Coke along with my meal. This got immediate attention from the people around me “without alcohol!?” “Do you drink?” “Are you ok?” I guess the people assumed I’d be drinking since it was a celebtration. My colleage leaned over and told me “I heard you didn’t order any alcohol. Do you want a glass for our wine?” I agreed and all the questions stopped.

The evening was full of eating, drinking dancing and general merry-making. I danced the horo (I’m sure to the amazment of several people) as well as had some converstations in Bulgarian and met several people. I grew tired and left around 2am. I later found out that my colleague left at 5am and several other people left around 7:30. They don’t mess around with partying here. I was told, laughing “It was practice for New Years”. Last year, they didn’t go home until 8 or 9 after their New Year’s celebrations. And I plan on joining them.


One Response to “Dance party!”

  1. barb. Says:

    GEEZZZ!! You’ve become a dancing machine. That is both admirable and impressive. Kudos, Jimmy. Another job well done.

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