A very busy day

Today has been one of the busiest days I’ve had so far in Bulgaria and I was quite excited for it. I woke up early to catch a ride with the municpality driver to Stara Zagora. My Bulgarian ID card, the Lichna Carta, was ready. Driving in Bulgaria can be a terrifying expirence since there are only traffic “suggestions”. It takes about an hour by train to get to Stara, 45 mintues by bus and roughly 20 mintues via driver. It was hair raising expirence because the seat belts were removed and there was thick fog. I made it there and back without incident.

Since the Peace Corps was coming to inspect my apartment, they gave me the rest of the day off. I spent this new found free time to run a few errands around town. I went to the train station and bought a youth discount card. It will save me 50% on all train tickets and is vaild for a year. I think it’s a very wise investment because with trains I get to see more of the country and they run at all hours of the day and night.

Today was also my counterpart’s last day at work. We had a small get together at the end of the day. She will be working at a local bank. I wish her well. I really like her and was sad to see her go. I’m not terribley worried about fulfilling my responsiblites without her since all of my colleagues are very helpful and friendly.

After wishing her good luck, I went to the school festival in the Obshtina presentation hall. It was packed and a would have given a fire marshall a heart attack. I couldn’t evem walk in the door! I later learned that the school chose this venue over the much larger theatre in town because the theatre was much colder. Bulgarian superstion at work again! Some of my students gave me a flower which I now have in a vase in my apartment. I didn’t stick around long because it was really hot and very crowded.

I went to resturant for the party. All the teachers were very pleased to see me. I told one that I now have my ID card and wanted to see it. She then announced to the room that I am now a Bulgarian. There was applause. She then took my photo holding my card up. I spent the rest of the party chatting with teachers and (surprisingly) learning dirty jokes from some of the English teachers. At 9 I went to pick up another PCV who was staying the night at my apartment before we headed out to Kazanlak for Thanksgiving. I hung around the resturant for a bit longer and then went to Andrea’s apartment for dinner.

She was hosting two other PCVs for Thanksgiving. All of the B-19s there and myself had trained in Rila. We had a lively evening and ate dinner around 1 am because someone forgot to turn the oven on. All in all, a very good day!


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