Best day so far

It’s been a good day. I showed up to work not expecting to do much. But shortly after getting there, I was whisked away to a budget meeting with the vice mayor about the hospital project I’m going to be working on. The medical center I’m going to be working on is in a different village but still needs a lot of attention. After the meeting I went to the school to teach my computer class. The children were unusually well behaved and I feel like they learned something. A great feeling!

After that class was over, I stood in front of my classroom, waiting for my next class. One of the teachers grabbed me and took me to lunch. I started to protest “I’ve only got five minutes!” “Let’s go! There’s time!”. The caf was serving Muska, which is the Bulgarian equvolent of Shepard’s pie. Very tasty. I rushed back to my classroom only to find that the school had canceled it for rehearsal as tomorrow is a school festival. A bunch of the teachers caught me in the hall and invited me to a party after the school play. I eagerly accepted.

I headed back to the Obshtina where I was informed that I would be going to the village to inspect the medical center. I was going with people I had vaguely met before and none of them spoke any English. We piled into an old Soviet-era car with no seat belts and drove off into vast farmland. In typical rural Bulgarian fashion, we shared the road with several horse and carts. We got to the village and picked up the mayor. The medical center is much nicer than the other one I was going to be working until the mayor walked into a closet and literally fell through the floor! Before leaving, I was invited to the mayor’s office for coffee and biscuits. I felt like I was invited not because he felt like he had to but because he wanted to. It was a great sense of belonging. I tried to explain to them the history of Thanksgiving but I have no idea what they understood. However, they complimented me on my Bulgarian skills which was a great confidence booster.

After work I went to my tutor’s apartment where she commented that my Bulgarian was getting noticeably better, even though I’ve only had less than a month’s worth of lessons with her! And there were few mistakes with my homework. I then headed to dance practice where I met my site mate, Andrea’s boyfriend. After class I went to her apartment and had a beer with them. It’s been a good day and I’m starting to feel like I’m being accepted here.


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