A pretty random day

Today I was the first day I had to teach class this week. I was prepared; I had a lesson plan and everything. My back pocket was full of hopes and dreams of having a successful class. I get to the school and walk into the teacher’s lounge. I plop down on the couch and just loaf until time. Andrea and I walk across the hall to the classroom and wait. We chat about this and that. Times ticks by. “Ok…they should be here any minute now” goes my inner monologue. More time passes. No one. “What is going on?” I wonder. I hear a lot of chanting, screaming and cheering outside. I hadn’t paid any attention to it until now. We get up and walk outside. Unbeknownst to me, the school had canceled my class to hold a school sanctioned, first through fourth grade, arm wrestling tournament. It was the last thing I was expecting but totally awesome. I stood there watching what is the competitive drive (and attention span) of elementary athletics. It was a mob around a table full of loud, shirll, exclusive chanting. It was quite a sight (actual picture ->)

On other (less interesting) notes, I got a haircut today. I have shed that homely look I’ve had for the past several weeks. It was probably the most intensive haircut I’ve ever had. I was the only one in there and when she was done, I knew it was the most attention anyone has ever put into my hair. It cost me 3Lv (roughly$2.25). I gave her 4 and when looking for change! I told her to keep it and she was very appreciative.

This evening, Andrea came over to do her laundry. We decided to make Shepard’s Pie. I went and bought the groceries. I felt guilty for “cheating” on my baba and buying my vegetables elsewhere. So I went to her stand and asked for five potatoes. She was so thrilled she kept patting me on the back and asking dozens of questions what I’ll be using them for. I assume they were questions because she was speaking so fast and my Bulgarian still isn’t where I want it to be. So I said “Pie” since I don’t know what “Shepard” is. I’m sure this only provoked more questions but I hastily left her in a stupor.

That Pie is probably THE best thing I’ve made in Bulgaria so far. I kept eating it even though I was full. (My excuse was it won’t be nearly as good the second time around but in reality, I couldn’t stop eating it). It was so easy to make. My culinary repertoire is growing quickly. The next time she comes we’re going to be making chili and cornbread!
<-Look at it in all of it’s splendor! Next to mister oven thermometer (thanks mom!)


One Response to “A pretty random day”

  1. Lisa Says:

    so i just got caught up in the last month of your escapades… busy busy and lots of great stories! i’m glad you’re doing well

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