This weekend I met up with several volunteers in Stara Zagora (the biggest town close to Chirpan. It’s the fifth largest in Bulgaria). It was so good to see familiar faces! And I spoke the most English in two days than I’ve done at site for three weeks!

I met Barb on the bus to Stara and met up with four other PCVs at an Italian restaurant. Afterwards Barb, Amber, Anita and I went shopping for groceries. We went to a magazine for some wine and vodka. I don’t own a corkscrew so we asked the cashier where we could buy one. She handed Barb a pair of scissors to open the bottle in the store. It failed miserably. We then went grocery shopping for our stir fry. We then walked briskly to the train station. I tried to buy three tickets to Chirpan but the ticket lady told me to buy them on the train. We rushed to the platform and seconds after we boarded, the train pulled away.

We found a compartment with two Bulgarian guys in it. We sat down and laughed about how close it was. The conductor started to roam about checking tickets. He started with the Bulgarians and then asked us for ours. I told him “Hello! Yes, we tried to buy the tickets at the station but the ticket lady told us we could buy them on the train”. Unfortunately, it came out as “Woman….train station…say that…ticket…in train.” He smiled and left. None of us had any idea what was going on. Is he not going to charge us? Or is he going to find a police officer and fine us or kick us off the train? It didn’t help that moments after he left, the train stopped in a middle of a field. He came back and I tried so hard to explain our situation. It wasn’t helpful having two other Bulgarians in the compartment while facing the possibility of a fine up to ten times the ticket price. Thankfully, he just issued us a ticket to Chirpan (Although I’m pretty sure it was much higher than it should have been but we gladly paid it as a fine would have been much higher).

We got some chicken and tonic water at the grocery store and then it was onward to the apartment for the kupon! The chicken was the shape of the packages and it more or less looked completely disgusting. In fact, it started to peel went we put it in the boiling water. But boy was it good! We made stir fry and had real soy sauce! It certainly gave me more hope that I could be more creative and adventurous when it comes to cooking.

We stared to watch Superbad, a movie Barb as been talking about for weeks. Sadly, she fell asleep and missed most of the movie. Lamezzz. This week is going to be so long after having so much fun this weekend. And it’s supposed to snow this week. Here comes winter!


One Response to “Kupon!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I love that you wrote “Lamezzz” in reference to Barb on your blog-o. Really, this whole entry sounded like one of our many highly intellectual gchat conversations. Bravo, Jimmy. Bravo.

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