Cleaning my kitchen

I arrived home from work tired. I wasn’t too hungry since I had a large lunch. I sat down at my computer in the living room, put on the latest Foo Fighters album and decided to do my white laundry, which I had neglected to do this weekend. So I go into the kitchen and start the load. I figured I could just lounge in the living room while my washer did the work. I’m sitting reading political analysis and the situation going on Pakistan listening to Dave Grohl serenade me. 6:30 rolls around and I need to get going to dance class. I walk into the kitchen to turn off the washing machine off. As I open the kitchen door, I had feel some resistance and step in. I see it before I can feel it, my entire kitchen is flooded. I have at least an inch of standing water in my apartment. The hose from the washing machine, which I had put in the sink, had come out and was lying on the floor, spewing water. I am really angry at myself. Because when I put the hose from the washing machine in the sink while thinking “Hey, this probably won’t stay in the sink”. But that was the end of that thought process. I’m just standing there, looking at the pool of water. How the hell am I going to fix this? I stand there for a good five minutes trying to comprehend what has happened. I find the mental capacity to call my counterpart. She can’t understand me. I grab a broom and try sweeping the water into a bucket. Believe it or not, that is not a good way to remove water where it should not be. I find a towel mopping. “This is going to take forever” but I have no other options. It’s cold and (surprise!) wet. My counterpart comes with her boyfriend. “Great” I think, “this will be the second time he’s bailed me out” (pun intended). The three of us start mopping my floor and ripping apart my floor to the concrete. At least my kitchen is really clean now, right? As I’m hauling parts of the floor and my rug to hang outside and my counterpart pulls the windows wide up I think “Hey, at least is not sno…” Oh yeah, it’s going to snow tomorrow. Damn it.

Now my kitchen is in complete disarray, I turn to my counterpart “Well, it looks like I’m going out for dinner tonight”. They hadn’t had dinner yet so the three of us go to the Flamingo. We had a lovely dinner together and I had a great time. It made me forget that just a few floors above me, my kitchen was underwater. I was introduced to duck hearts cooked “hunter style” which was awesome. I’ll definitely be eating that again. That was pretty much the only highlight of my evening. At least I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Cleaning my kitchen”

  1. Philip Says:

    Wow Jimmy!
    So this story reminded me of the time when you were house sitting in Agoura and we (er, I) was trying to make fried ice cream and when I put the GLASS thermometer in the oil and it exploded all over the kitchen! Ah fun times…

    It was great chatting with you last week. Be on the look out for a lil someting from Bun’s and me in the mail soon (although I dont know how long it takes to get from A to B) haha.

    Take care!

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    […] Flooding the kitchen […]

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