"Alo Mester Jem!"

Today was my first day teaching a computer class at the local elementary school. I was pretty nervous because I had no idea what I was going to do. Let alone explain it. Before I went I asked a few B-22s for ideas. Barb suggested that I get them to type their name in English and other words relating to Halloween. So with this in mind, and a box of chocolates (the teacher’s strike forced them to cancel any festivities) I set out with confidence to the school.

After getting lost on the way, I finally made it. I just relaxed in the teachers’ lounge and shot the breeze with some English teachers. Finally it was time. I went to the classroom with one of the English teachers. They class was 30 minutes long and was over before I knew it. I didn’t really teach as much as I supervised. I helped the kids long onto the internet and find a site which let them dress celebrities (I’m using that word loosely as Paris Hilton was one of them But I got a kick out of the fact they could 50 Cent). While they were playing online, I chatted with the teacher. She was blown away by my brother’s ability to speak five languages. She really wants to meet him when he visits with my uncle in March. I was pretty much the token American today. But I know I’ll be teaching something next week. Since the election went into a runoff, there will be no school next Monday because of the election.

I was pleased to find out today that there will be a TEFL volunteer moving to Chirpan next week. It’ll be great having another American in town!

I know my blog looks pretty boring so I’ll be uploading photos of Chirpan and my apartment later. До тогава, чао!


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