My First Few Days

These posts will become more frequent once I get a connection in my apartment. Here’s a sample of my first two days at site.

So it begins…

I got off the bus and met my counterpart at the bus stop. She had a car. “Good start”, I thought. We drove to my apartment. “I can’t wait to get to move in!” I thought. After they showed me around and took me to the nearest magazine for dinner, they left me on my own. I started to unpack my crap and more or less made a mess in my apartment. It was starting to get cold and dark outside and thought (I didn’t speak. I’m sure talking to myself will happen a few months from now) “Boy, I could sure eat some of that tastey powder soup!”. So I walk around all my crap in the living room and go to the kitchen. Pour some water into a pot and put it on the stove. I turn the stove on and BANG! the power goes out. Shit. I’m now in a cold, dark apartment unable to get to the bedroom because of all my crap. I find my flash light and check the fuses (for what, I don’t know. I’m trying to own the situation). After “inspecting” them, I go back to the kitchen and contimplate my options. I think about toughing it out until the morning but I can’t reach my bed, it’s cold and dark and I’m still hungry. I just sit there. For 20 minutes. Then I call my counterpart who brings an electrition (I’m pretty sure it’s her boyfriend becuase who is going to help at gringo at 8 in the evening? (I don’t know why I used gringo)). Anywho, he fixes the problem. Then I was told not to use the toilet because it doesn’t flush. I didn’t care and made my awful soup. I then set out to put together the bed I bought from Trevor (the volunteer I’m replacing). I pulled the frame out and started to look for the screws. I looked everywhere. Everywhere. “Maybe, as a practical joke, he put them in the freezer!” (He didn’t). So, I slept on the mattress with the frame scattered around the bed. (Sidenote, that bed is the best investment I could have made.

Day #2.
I decide, “Hey! It would be fun to do laundry!” So I plug my washing machine into the kitchen wall. I put all my clothes in and the washing powder and turn it on. The kitchen light turns on instead. Yep, my washing machine became another light switch. I have no idea either. Undetured, I grab the PC unapproved electrical cord which was sitting in the living room and try another socket. Success! (It may seem like this took a matter of mintues but no. It took about 2 hours of me turning the kitchen light on (via the washer) before I struck upon this glorious idea). So I sit in my kitchen and read the biography on Che as my dirty clothes hum in the background. I had put the hose to let the dirty water into the sink for when it drains. 20-30 minutes into the cycle, the water starts to drain. Fast. I look up and hear a “splash!”. Puzzled, I look under the sink. Turns out, packaging tape is not a good instrument to hold pipes together. Luckily, I had a bucket unter the sink so I didn’t flood my apartment. I then used the dirty laundry water to flush my toilet. Talk about water management! (Oh and the water into the washer leaks. I used that water to cook dinner and wash dishes). When my clothes were finally finished, I went, like a normal person (I use “normal” very liberally when applied to me), to get them out. The washer was having none of it. I got frusterated and left the apartment thinking “Hey, maybe it’s on a timer and will unlock after 10 or 15 minutes.” I have no idea what prompted this train of thought, but it wasn’t the case. I literally had to sit on the floor with my feet pressed up against the sides of the maching and force the door open. I’m pretty sure this is going to be routine as I had to do the same thing with my whites.

Yep. It made for an interesting two days. However, the sink has been fixed, the toilet replaced and some dude from work put my bed together. There has been no progress with the washer however. I really hope that I don’t break it.


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