An end to the heat!

The past week has been very hot; low 100’s! But the weather has turned and it’s wonderful! It reminds me of the Santa Ana winds in Southern California. There is some mist that covers the mountain tops early in the morning. It’s a wonderful backdrop to run against. Walking home from the stadium, I pass sheperds herding their flock up the street to the mountain pastures and carts full of hay being pulled into town by donkeys. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. [Note: I would share pictures but the computers here in the only internet cafe don’t read flash drives]

One thing that I’ve been wondering about is how long the winter’s going to be. It’s the end of August and everyday people are cutting fire wood. Walking down random streets, the stacks of wood grow bigger everyday and about half a story high! People are harvesting their personal gardens (everyone grows their own vegetables) and pickles them. This is also cause for concern because the markets don’t sell vegtables and my service starts mid-Fall. I don’t think I can survive on meat alone! I’m sure there must be a store somewhere that sells vegtables and it must be expensive.

My language training is coming along well. I can communicate with my family with less gestures every day. That feels wonderful! The most Enligsh I speak is during techinical training which is about an hour or two every day. So it’s mostly Bulgarian for me! (Even then, the only English speakers I know are fellow volunteers…).

I haven’t be posting much because there’s too much to post, I don’t have much time to post and all the directions for Blogspot here are in Bulgarian (that makes it difficult).


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