Friday creeps closer

It seems hard to believe that by the end of the week I’ll be on my way. I’m tired of waiting! My anxiousness is subsiding (for now). It’s really helped chating with some of the other volunteers in my group. I feel so much more confident. All I have to do now is pack… My list (more or less complete):

short sleeve button up shirts
long sleeve button up shirts
micro fiber undershirts
tee shirts
khaki pants
athletic shorts
wool socks
sock liners
cotton socks
long underwear
Cotton sweater
Fleece jacket
Fleece vest
fleece gloves
Rechargeable batteries
Shortwave radio
electrical adaptors
Sleeping bag w/liner
Goretex hiking boots

Deck of cards
Assorted pens
Peanut butter
Photo album of friends and family
Stickers (for kids)
Index cards
Various books (not “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”. That would be too much).


One Response to “Friday creeps closer”

  1. Bob Snow Says:

    In Sep. 65 I was a new PCV packing up and heading out to Iran to teach English and raise chickens. We were “friends” with Iran at the time. Forty years from now hopefully, you will be looking back just as your departure has me looking back.

    I came to the net today to connect up with the Obama pages and passed by Kos. When I left for Iran there was no Internet or blogs and a letter took a few weeks back and forth. There were the first arrivals of returning volunteers, some of whom helped in our training. I was in the third year of volunteers in Iran.The Shah was our ally and Khomeini had just entered exile in Iraq. One of the schools I taught at in Iran was in fact a jewish school.

    I had just graduated from U of Wisconsin with a degree in International Relations. My motivation at that time was the idea that communism needed to be fought not just with guns but peacefully as well, with friendship and a helping hand.

    I hope 40 years from now you look back and find terrorism as much in the past as communism seems now. I hope you find the same with poverty and global warming. I know it will be a very different world.

    Look around at the people you are helping and the PCVs that are there with you. Up the road from me in 65 was Donna Shalala a future Secretary of HEW. As I look around at Se. Dodd running for President and other RPCVs, you never know what future role you or others around you will be able to play.

    My wife is from the Phillipines and is retired from the International Monetary Fund. We have seen and met people there from around the world who have been impacted by PCVs and gone on to be the head of their nations.

    Remember, there is a large group of returned volunteers who want you to succeed and are available to you, for advice etc.

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