The pieces are coming together…

…slowly, but surely.

I’ve been scouring the Internet and talking RPCVs for packing lists and other ideas. I think I’ve more or less gotten everything I’m going to take with me. My goal is to get everything into my backpack. I know it’s a loafy goal, but God bless compression sacks. With their help I think I can get it done. My “To Do List” is getting much shorter. I need to get insurance on my valuables (lap top, camera, etc), give my parents power of attorney, tie up other lose ends and get last minute gear. Three weeks left and I’m starting to feel the pressure.

I had a dental cleaning today. My dentist told me to come back in to get a filling as a “preventative” measure as he’s seen Eastern European dentistry. I’m looking forward to getting that taken care of. I have no idea when my next check up will be.

My Bulgarian is coming along slowly. I can’t say anything important. I can, however, sound words out.


One Response to “The pieces are coming together…”

  1. SW Says:

    Well I can barely pronounce the name of the street I live on, so kudos to you.

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